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Cindy DiBiasi

Cindy DiBiasi has built a reputation as a leading health care communications consultant by working with top executives at some of the world’s largest companies. Her approach is rooted in the belief that even the most daunting communications challenges provide opportunities for companies and executives to define themselves and convey important information to regulatory and government officials, customers, colleagues, shareholders, and the public. Cindy’s work ranges from helping clients identify their communications strategy and develop messages on controversial healthcare issues, to leading them through high-stakes FDA meetings and advisory committee hearings. Her consulting, writing, and coaching work also include preparing clients for product launch and commercialization issues, public presentations, quarterly earnings calls, and media interviews. Cindy began her media career as a broadcast reporter in the United States and Europe. She was also the medical reporter for the CBS affiliate in Washington, DC, where, as part of her responsibilities, she covered the FDA.