Powerpoint Tips for Scientific and Regulatory Presentations: A Slide Guide for PhDs and MDs

In the scientific and regulatory community, effectively communicating data in the scientific and regulatory community is challenging.  Data are complex, often don’t lend themselves to a “black and white” conclusion, and – let’s face it – can be hard to translate into a riveting story. But data are important, and making sure your audience understands your data the way YOU want them to is crucial. Otherwise, why bother with your presentation?

These PowerPoint tips will help you put together a clear, coherent presentation that won’t get in the way of your data.

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Jim DiBiasi is known for his ability to lead diverse teams and help them succeed at decisive communications opportunities. His FDA consulting work provides strategic and tactical communications counsel and coaching to top executives, scientists, and doctors at pharmaceutical, biotech, and device companies. He has guided scientists and executives through numerous regulatory communications crafted and delivered hundreds of presentations and served as a legislative lobbyist and media spokesperson for Fortune 200 companies.  Connect with Jim on LinkedIn.


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